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Latest Computer Operating Systems – Which is better?

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  • The market is always a calm witness of the competitions emerging and then settling down when one is declared the winner and other is out of race. But the products remain in sight and thoughts of the analysts and critics.

    As soon as the new products got its launch on the market, the older ones get obsolete. It is not the ground rule that all the new products follow but still it is the market trend. In this article we will review some of the latest Operating Systems launched by different leaders in the market and what has been the market trend for each of it.

    No surprise if in this discussion, Microsoft takes the lead. To go ahead with it is its latest launch that took almost five years to get in the market after its predecessor, Windows XP. Yes, we are talking about Windows Vista. Windows Vista which was launched last year in January has tasted both appreciation and critic with biased ratio. Windows Vista, the one about which Microsoft poured heavily the words of appreciation but was a big food for the critics. It received candid feedback from the analysts to the users. It was RAM eater, not user friendly, and many other flaws were found in this architecture. With these drawbacks also it had some very good utilities as compared to Windows XP. It had significant advancements like attractive Graphical Interface, Visual Style and Aero Interface. The Windows Aero interface provides you with better visual effects, modified search options, and new multimedia tools are added. The feature that is overshadowing all the features is security feature. Its security features are praised everywhere. The analysts and critics are sync in this thought and share that this time Microsoft has taken well care of security features and users needs.

    After Microsoft the next operating system that will take the pie is Apple’s Mac OSX. The recent releases are version 10.4 Tiger and version 10.5 Leopard respectively. Mac OS gave new heights to Apple. It was like the life giving operating system when Apple was struggling in its initial phases. Mac can never be matched in the graphics and its marvelous user interface.

    If Tiger is to be considered the updates in this operating system by Apple are in built firewalls, assistance programs for those who have disabilities in viewing or hearing. It is integrated with web browser Safari, iTunes, iPhoto and lot of other features with great graphics. The Leopard provides you with redesigned finder, Time Machine Feature that allows the user to get back to the deleted files and to restore them if needed. Mac OS X has always pioneered in innovations but critics followed there also.

    Linux, open source operating system is most secure and has very good graphics but still can not be discussed for the desktops as mainly it is limited to servers. AS per the users they find Ubuntu a good operating system.

    What you choose is your choice but operating system rightly selected will add richness to your experience.
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    1. Latest Computer Operating Systems – Which is better?
      The market is always a calm witness of the competitions emerging and then settling down when one...