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Helge Sverre
Job Search Affiliate Site Script 1.0

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  • Start your own Job Search Site Instantly!

    Dominate the Job Search Market

    You earn money with every click through the CareerJet Affiliate Program!

    Why should i buy this script?
    • Easy to setup!
    • Highly Customizable
    • Fast Searches!
    Why start a Job Search Site?
    There is quite a lot of unemployment at the moment and this is the time where people are most likely to search for jobs online!

    Script Demo:
    (Affiliate ID disabled)


    The script is made in PHP, HTML & CSS, it utilizes the Bootstrap Framework, and uses the CareerJet PHP API.
    All the code is clean, and it generates clean and highly customizable HTML.

    Suggested Skill Level For This Script:
    You should know basic PHP and HTML/CSS to customize the template.

    How to use:
    1. Go to http://www.careerjet.com/partners/ create an account and login
    2. Go to http://www.careerjet.com/partners/api/php/
    3. Look for 'affid' => '56e6cf74e53b27b7ff7e6df3e8fed343', (with your ID)
    4. Unzip the file and open index.php
    5. Copy the line and paste it in line 37 in index.php
    6. Upload to your web host( I recommend www.cloudbeast.net )
    7. Done
    1. Aelko
      Script Demo does not work for me. The following message appears: "Nothing to see here."
      by ,
    2. Louistschaaf
      Awesome will test it out later. Thx
      by ,
    3. Digitebookstore
      A great giveaway! Thanks . But I think it would need to make it more responsive and make it more colorful. Thanks
      by ,
    4. spadesbelt
      Excellent Script. But some customization is very much required. Thanks for creating this my dear friend.
      by ,
    5. geln
      Nice script for self customization... Thanks for making it available for free...
      by ,
    6. th.sigit
      Excellent script, and it is free! Needs a little bit HTML/PHP/JS/CSS to customize it, but can't complaint about it. Thank you for creating this.
      by ,
    7. Bludus
      Simple script but great fro free thing. I have tried to make it http://carilowongankerja.comuf.com/
      by ,
    8. PrimeWebDev
      Thanks works very well.
      by ,
    9. slimspots
      demo dont work
      by ,
    10. Arick unirow
      The demo wasn't working at the time I write this review (maybe index.php didn't exist in root server). I like the idea. I have few popular local job sites and I think I will monetize it with CareerJet in near future. :)
      by ,
    11. pupul
      Can't see demo. Will check out
      by ,