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Helge Sverre
iPhone Unlocking PPD Funnel Script 1.1

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  • This script is a PPD funnel script, what that means is that the script will present the user with a way to unlock their iPhone by providing their email and iPhone model, telling the user we can give them a code that will unlock their iPhone, but instead we save their email and iPhone model type(for email marketing or whatever you want to use it for) in a text file.

    The script then it redirects the user to a link that you specify, this could be a PPD link for a bullshit file called "activation-code.txt" that supposedly contains their activation code for unlocking their iPhone, this would earn you money, you could also just redirect the user to an affiliate offer that you gain commissions from.


    DEMO URL => http://test.helgesverre.com/iphone


    Open config.php and change all the strings to whatever is relevant for you.
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      Apr 4, 2014
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