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intodns clone script 1

Purchase this item for $3,500.00

  • This script will automatically find out which DNS servers are used by the domain name you specify, then perform a number of tests on them to make sure that the domain name is properly set up and that those DNS servers are responding in a consistent and correct manner.
    Use this script to:
    1.Check if your domain has appropriate DNS servers delegated
    2.See if your DNS servers are alive
    3.Test if your hosting service is functioning
    4.Verify if your DNS servers server the zone corresponding to your domain
    5.Make out if all DNS servers have the same zone version
    6.Check if your WWW-Web server is running
    7.Verify if your hosting service is alive
    8.Test if your mail server is receiving emails
    9.Check if how many backup MX servers are configured within your zone
    10.Test if these backup servers are functioning in case your primary MX is down
    11.Validate if your backup mail server rejects your email in case of a failure because of an not optimal configured open relay restriction
    12.Check your SOA record
    13.Test if all your WWW-Server clustered nodes are up and running with DNS round robin
    14.Web-Tool to get a full report to check if all relevant elements are in "the green range"
    15.Get a step by DNS analysis and find out where the fault can be located, in a case when your Site is down or not reachable
    16.Test if your Web Server is reachable from outside (from the internet)
    17.Online Check if your mail servers are reachable from outside (from the internet)
    18.Test if your Firewall allows the appropriate incoming communication for your DNS, mail, and web servers
    19.Proof your ISP, if the a hosted DNS zone is properly and functioning

    With this tool you can start your own domain health check service and provide your users free or paid access to various reports on there Domains

    Feel free to check the demo provided

    Demo: http://intodns.scriptburn.com/

    you can also email for any question contact[ A T]scriptburn[D O T]com
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