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Index Maintenance Tool - Wordpress Plugin

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    • Checks the index status and PR status of posts older than X days and conditionally trashes or republishes the post based on user settings.
    • Provides ways to manually check PR and Index Status for posts within the post editing administration area.

    Index Maintenance Tool used two different free Google APIs to check the PR and Index status of individual posts. In our plugin's administration area we can turn post pruning on or off and set the filter to check all posts older than X days, X being a variable number that you set. The plugin will then use WordPress's pseudo cron to check 1 unchecked post every 100 seconds, requiring an almost undetectable amount of server resource.

    If a post meets the action conditions it will be then be moved to the trash or republished, based on user settings, and an email sent to your inbox notifying you of the action details. This will continue until all posts have been checked in which it will clear the data collected for all posts older than X days and begin checking the information again looking for deindexed old posts.


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