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Increase Conversions, Create Custom Responsive Landing Pages w/ This Wordpress Plugin! Easy Tracking 2.0

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    Q - Is this the same as the previous Everlead v1 Wordpress Plugin?
    A - No! The previous version was PLR. I purchased the PLR and noticed the code was not to Wordpress coding standards. It also conflicted with other themes and plugins. I personally coded Everlead v2.0 and added features I felt needed to be implemented. All new code, I just kept the name.

    Q - Does it come with a developers license?
    A - yes! Developers license is included. You may use for your own sites and your client sites.

    Q - Do you offer a refund?
    A - If the Everlead v2.0 plugin does not work due to faulty code or if it conflicts with your theme or other plugins and we can't fix it, then yes, we will offer a refund. We will attempt to fix the problem first and you will need to provide temporary access. If we can fix it then we will provide a refund.

    Q - Will there be updates?
    A - Yes! We have a few features in mind we would like to implement. Also, I'll take customer feature requests into consideration for future updates.

    Q - Do you offer support!
    A - If you provide proof of purchase, then yes! I offer limited support for my customers. This does not include custom coding features, just basic support if you are stuck or having trouble installing etc.
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