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Ronald Gaines
I.M. Social Messenger-Unlimited License 1.0

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  • Conversions dropping?
    “If you need more clicks then here’s how toget them with the fake girlfriend technique”

    Watch The Video Below and See For Yourself...

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    I.M. Social Messenger-Unlimited License

    Watch this video for a sneak preview

    Let’s be honest: In 2016 making money online is harder than ever. And one of the biggest problems we marketers face is that people just aren’t clicking like they used to…

    Dear friend,
    Gone are the days of throwing up a blog and getting those sweet affiliate commissions every time someone clicks your link.
    Nope, today people are BLIND to your links and ads.
    And even if you plaster them over every inch of your blog it won’t make a difference.
    (And that’s not to mention all of the people who have Ad blocker installed.)
    But now there’s a psychological hack for getting around this…
    I call it the “Fake girlfriend” technique and here’s how it works…
    One of my buddies is a major player in the dating niche.
    This guy sometimes blows through more than $50,000 a day in paid traffic.
    He advertises on the big adult sites and if you’ve ever visited one of those sites you must have seen those pop up messenger ads.

    Basically, an I.M messenger box pops up on your browser…
    …showing a message from a girl “Who wants to chat”
    So you click the box to reply…
    …but it’s not a message.
    It’s an affiliate link.
    And all you have to do to talk to the girl…
    …which redirects you to their dating site.
    Sneaky but effective.
    And you wouldn’t believe how many conversions my friend gets. When I saw this my head exploded and I immediately went home and began coding my own version of his pop up messenger ad.

    When I was done I tested it across more than 231 websites and in multiple niches.
    And every time the same thing happened, I got more clicks than ever and conversions were off the charts.
    You wouldn’t believe how many people fall for it and now I’m going to let YOU experiment with this new type of advertising. I’ve taken my original script and converted it into an easy to use plugin. All you have to do is install this plugin, write what you want in your pop up box and hey presto it appears on your blog.

    This plugin can replicate any kind of messenger service…
    You can create pop up boxes that look like the one ones used by Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and even Black Berry Messenger. So when someone visits your site…you can make them think their friend is sending them a message on Facebook…and they click your link.
    It’s genius.

    But you must get it now.
    This type of advertising is going to be the next big thing.
    But these hacks only work when nobody knows about them.
    And a couple of months from now EVERYONE will be using this.
    So to help you make up your mind, and to keep this exclusive, I’ve decided to make this a limited time offer.
    When the timer at the top of this page runs out it’s gone forever.
    And if your links and ads don’t quite convert like they used to…
    …then click on the add to cart button below and let’s see
    what my plugin can do for you.
    Feature Benefit 1
    Choose between multiple great looking templates, Such asFacebook,Skype,WhatsApp, Viber and Black Berry Messenger

    Feature Benefit 2
    You can link your I.M. Social Messenger ad to any page you want. Affiliate links,CPA offers, Shopify etc...

    Feature Benefit 3
    Write anything you want in Text/ HTML and preview it at the same time

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