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How To Transfer Contacts From Blackberry To Htc Phone

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  • Everyone knows how stressful it can be for one to his/her contacts. This is why technicians came up with bright ideas on how one can easily back up or transfer his/her contacts from an old phone to a new phone. When it comes to transferring contacts from a blackberry phone to a HTC phone, the process becomes a bit complicated as this two phones basically operate on two different operating systems. Below are some simple steps that you can apply to your phones to successfully transfer data from your blackberry phone to your new HTC phone:
    1. Step one.
    • With your blackberry phone, go to the blackberry app store and download the Phonecopy for blackberry contacts transfer app
    • Install the application to your phone.
    • After installation, open the app and proceed to the registration part.
    • Choose a unique username and password then enter a valid email address where a confirmation message with an activation key will be sent to.
    • Once you are done with all the above, go to your registered email so as to activate your Phonecopy account.

    2. Step two.
    • Once you have activated your account, proceed to login in and then synchronize all your contacts to Phonecopy.com
    • All the contacts will be saved to the Phonecopy.com which only takes a few seconds to backup.

    3. Step three.
    • This is the last and easiest step to using Phonecopy.com
    • With your new HTC phone, download the PhoneCopy app for android which you can find in Googleplay and install the app in your HTC phone.
    • After the installation is complete, run the Phonecopy app in your phone and fill in both your username and password.
    • Once you have successfully logged in,press on the advanced & account icon which will then re-direct you to the next step icon.
    • Press on the one-way sync button and after proceed to the next step which is to select the server icon.
    • The server icon has three options in it, which include; this device>>server, Server>>this and combine both the two above server mentioned optioned.
    • Click on the server>> this device icon and wait for a few seconds for your contacts to be saved in your phone.
    • Contacts will be then be transferred to your phone making it easy for you to make calls without the hustle of copying your contacts one by one from your blackberry phone.

    Another way to transfer contacts from a blackberry phone to a HTC phone is to have a Google account that is linked to your personal Gmail account. Once all your contacts are saved, backing up your contacts to your HTC phone will be as easy as the steps have written above. All you will need to do is to sign in into your Google account and upload all your saved contacts from the Gmail servers. The Google server will automatically save your previous contacts to the new HTC phone. Also you will need to be regularly updating your contacts so you can have an up to date contact list in the gmail servers in case something might happen to your phone.
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