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How To START Making More Money 09302014

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  • "Here's How To START Making More Money From The Traffic You're Already Getting AndSTOP Leaving 80% Of Your Sales On The Table For Your Competitors To Claim!"

    Failing to Follow Up Is Where MOST Internet
    Business Owners Drop The Ball .... Bigtime!

    And WHY do they drop the ball?

    Most of the time, it's simply because they don't know HOW to entice website visitors to subscribe to an opt-in email follow up list.

    They don't know HOW to set up and run an effective follow up marketing campaign.

    They don't know HOW to maintain subscriber interest and keep those prospects "on the hook" until they are ready to make a buying decision.

    And as a result, 80% or more of all live prospects end up falling right through the cracks, never to be seen or heard from again.

    As a result, 80% or more of all potential sales are left on the table for competitors to claim.

    Then the business owner winds up frustrated and disillusioned, wondering where the heck is all this Internet wealth that everyone else seems to have ....

    .... when in truth, it's been slipping right through his fingers.

    Well my friend .... the buck stops here!


    This guide was written for "the little guy!"

    But whether you're a little guy or not, you're about to discover ....

    [​IMG] a precise plain English 14-step "recipe" to creating a fully automated follow up email marketing system that does most of the work for you and maximizes sales from whatever amount of website traffic you're already getting.

    [​IMG] in-depth professional online training videos to help you kick off this powerful list building money-making system.

    [​IMG] precise instructions on how to quickly write a 7-message follow up email series to promote any product or service (affiliate based or your own!) even if you think you can't write worth a lick.

    [​IMG] priceless insight on the kind of messages you need to send, what they should say, why they should say that, and at what stages of the follow up sequence you should send them for the best effect.

    [​IMG] a re-visit to a decades old but proven two-step promotion plan that will drive any lead capture system for pennies, and that works on the Internet better than it ever did before - PLUS the six rules you must follow to do it right the first time.

    [​IMG] a non-technical breakdown on autoresponders (the workhorse of any automated follow up system) - what they really are - and how to find the best one to suit your own needs.

    [​IMG] and that's just a taste! Please keep reading ....


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