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How To Purchase Products from 1688. com Without Chinese Agents/Suppliers - Step by Step PDF Guide 1.0

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  • I have over 5 years of experience in the Importation Business and have successfully imported thousands of products from China to my country with ease and at very cheap rates especially from 1688.com.

    1688.com is the biggest and most popular Chinese wholesale platform where retailers in China buy products directly from the manufacturers and resell at a higher price on other platforms such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Gearbest etc. So if you thought you always get the best price for items purchased on Alibaba or Aliexpress, you are wrong because these platforms sell products at prices up to 4X or more compared to the price of same item if purchased directly from 1688.com.

    But the problem is that 1688.com website is written in Chinese language and meant for the Chinese based retailers. So most people rely on using Google translate and Chinese based suppliers to order for products from the platform.

    Now those that rely on using Chinese based suppliers/procurement agents to purchase products from 1688.com know that it takes a longer process and costs more compared to when you do the product sourcing and purchase yourself.

    Also if you rely on using Google translate for the website translation to English, then what next, you get stuck there not knowing how to proceed to communicate with the sellers.

    This is where The 1688.com Importation Business Guide comes in handy.

    It covers the following:

    1. Sourcing for the best products from 1688 at very cheap price

    2. Steps involved to buy products directly from manufacturers on 1688 without the use of suppliers

    3. Contacting the product manufacturer/supplier

    4. Paying for your items

    5. shipping your goods to your location.

    6. Useful Resources.
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