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How to Manage an e-Commerce Store: 9 Practical and Foolproof Tips

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    The table of contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. The importance of administration in e-commerce
    2.1. Varied public
    2.2. More competition
    2.3. Discerning customers
    3. How to manage a virtual store: 4 infallible tips
    3.1. Manage stocks
    3.1.1. Create categories
    3.1.2. Use verticalization method
    3.2. Organize the processes
    3.2.1. Worry about delivery
    3.2.2. Be agile
    3.3. Finance control
    3.3.1. Seek help from professionals
    3.3.2. Have input and output control
    3.3.3. Build a good relationship with suppliers
    3.4. Monitor the numbers
    3.4.1. Analyze results
    3.4.2. Search solutions
    4. How to manage an online store: 5 practical tips
    4.1. Be multitask
    4.2. Organization
    4.3. Attention to results
    4.4. Have reliable partners
    4.5. Assess the service provided
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    1. How to Manage an e-Commerce Store: 9 Practical and Foolproof Tips
      Most people who want to start working with e-commerce think that the only purpose of online...