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How to Interact and Use Different Social Media for Your e-Commerce Store

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  • The theme of this article is: role of social media and how to develop the interaction of e-commerce store through them.

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    The table of contents:

    1. First, the paradigm
    2. Performance
    3. Branding
    4. How to interact on social networks
    4.1. Promotional folder or everyday interaction
    4.2. News wall or personal connection
    4.3. Educational channel (vertical) or social voice channel (horizontal)
    4.4. Store showcase or emotion catalyst
    4.5. How to offer “good” content
    4.6. How to plan the publication of your content
    4.7. Right time and date to post
    4.8. Content distribution
    4.9. Considering tariff breaks
    5. Identifying the social channels to use for your e-commerce store
    5.1. Facebook
    5.2. Instagram and Pinterest
    5.3. Twitter
    5.4. YouTube
    5.5. Snapchat and Periscope
    5.6 Linkedin
    6. Examples of social interaction in a campaign
    6.1. Pinterest
    6.2. Blog
    6.3. YouTube
    6.4. Snapchat
    6.5. Twitter
    6.6. Instagram
    6.7. Facebook
    6.8. Linkedin
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    1. How to Interact and Use Different Social Media for Your e-Commerce Store
      From Facebook to Instagram, what is the role of each social network and how to develop the...