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GSA Search Engine Ranker + Captcha Breaker + Indexer <-- Original Lincenses! 1

Purchase this item for $170.00

  • Start Bid: 120
    Buy It Now: 170
    Quantity: 1 (3 Licenses for 1 Price)
    End Date: 05/10/2015
    Description: GSA Search Engine Ranker for Building Backlinks, GSA Captcha Breaker for solving Captcha's automatically and Indexer for Indexing the created Backlinks. All 3 Licenses are bought only by me. I provide ALL 3 Licenses with the original emails they sent me and login details for the software!
    Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal ONLY
    Additional Stipulations and Requirements: I won't go first. Don't PM or message me with a question if we can split 50/50 before & after sending the software. If we don't trust the case, you can provide a middle man if we both agree on the middle man. You can test the software for 7 Days with 100% refund, anything that might get disabled after the 7 days (in 30 days) will be refunded 50%.

    Only serious bidders and I prefer to chat with Skype, since it's easier than PM'ing back and forth or email. Please post here your bid when interested!
    emails from GSA after I purchased the Licenses

    After purchasing the licenses from me, I'll send you:
    - The emails with licenses & login details
    - The download links to download the software (use my login details but you have to download the software with your own IP address)
    - Screenshots of the settings, so you can start using those to rank your money site or video
    - Tips (when asked) to improve your ranking skills. I'm no SEO expert, but I know how to use GSA well enough to rank your video or site!



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