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    Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

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Gosearch marketing script 4.6

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  • business

    bar chart
    donut chart
    impressions count
    click count
    ctr percentage
    ads name
    show date

    create ads
    ads title
    ads description
    ads url

    total money in account
    total spend for the day for date selected
    shows payments made for the date selected
    shows total amount for all payments for selected date


    shows all keywords users has searched for



    shows information for selected date
    shows users online
    total time on website
    shows bounce rate
    users city get displayed on page
    bar chart shows users for the current day
    shows users continent which they are from in percentage with a donut chart
    real time chart shows users per second
    area chart shows users for the day for selected date
    referer if user from certain referer website
    url shows on which page the users are currently on
    all charts get displayed on which date you choose default date is current date

    overview url

    shows if users clicked on a link on your website pages

    bar chart
    donut chart
    area chart
    all charts are displayed by date


    the is where you get your code to track your website
    the code is combined with javascript and jquery
    each user has their unique code for their website

    url code

    this code is used to track the links
    also combined with javascript and jquery

    analytics untrack

    this is used to remove your pageviws from the analytics

    analytics track

    this is used show your pageviews again if you have selected untrack

    analytics device

    this feature is used to get information about any mouse events of the users
    shows screen width and height of the device with mouse position on the page the users are


    front page

    shows a preview of the website you have designed

    host website

    this is where you can edit your html code and update the website code for the design you created
    update button
    your website name can also be updated on your template

    your online url

    this url is used to show your website and allows you to show your website design to other people


    under the section you can apply settings to your overall account
    settings are
    products on or off
    emails on or off
    the color your users want their overall account in this is the theme color
    user can also if they have a website add it to their account
    these are updated when user registers all under the account page
    website url is also under the account page
    user description (on registration user enters a description)
    user account image (user can update the account image)
    users can choose to install a app and if the user installs the app on the there mobile it shows the app as installed under their account page
    if app not installed shows the user a link to get the app


    users are saying

    this is the home stream of the people page users can update the stream with something to say
    or they can also update the stream with a image
    shows how many hour ago the updated the stream
    shows their name
    also shows their update

    received mail

    shows from which user you have received mail
    shows account image of the user who sent the mail
    shows from name
    shows mail contents

    compose mail

    you can compose a mail to any user registered on your website
    with mail content the input allows a email (email user registered with) and content input for your mail content (whichever you want to say to the user in your mail)


    this is your register page
    it contains these inputs
    description about you
    optional users can update their account image on the register page
    register button


    user email
    user password
    login button


    sidebar contains all the menus and links for user navigation

    the complete website is mobile compatible tablet compatible and desktop compatible


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