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  • I did a script which use Google Webmaster Tools datas
    With only your GWT login/password, the script will retrieve:
    Your website list, keywords, clicks, average positions.
    For every website you see:
    1) sum of clicks and impressions day after day
    2) for every keyword, sum of impressions and clicks
    3) for every keyword average position day after day.
    Remember that everything is retrieved automatically you dont need to fill by hand websites, keywords, buying proxies for checking positions...
    You can see much more positions than what you can see with google analytics as you can see all keywords where you appear on google are here, not only keywords that gives a visit to your site (and are not "not provided").
    The script is written in PHP, yous should have curl enables. You dont need any database (flat file DB)
    Home page with :
    1) all websites and for all of them: the sum of impressions, clicks and keywords.
    2) For every website, the sum of impressions and clicks day after day.


    Site page (one page per site)
    1) sum of impressions and clicks for every keywords
    2) for every keywords the average position day after day



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    1. Arick unirow
      The script was released few years ago. Saved it now to test it later on.
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