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Godaddy Auctions Pagerank Checker. The BEST money making Domain tool available! 6

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  • Hello folks,
    You might be aware of the fact that one of the best ways to make money online is by selling domains. Normally It takes months to build backlinks to your website and eventually your site may be rewarded with a good google pagerank. But this process takes so much of time, effort and money!. And there is no guarantee of getting a reasonable pagerank.
    So is there any easy way to make this process shorter, easier and cheaper ? YES. Thousands of domains are available for Auction In Domain Market Places. Out of them, Godaddy Auctions (TDNAM) is the best marketplace to buy domains. Now you are getting the picture. Right.. ?

    Godaddy's Marketplace contains high quality domains along with domains of lesser importance. As godaddy is not offering tools to evaluate Pagerank, backlinks etc, it is extremely difficult to find quality domains manually.

    If you ever tried godaddy auctions, I bet, you could have imagined of a tool to check the domain informations for you.
    And yes,The most wanted tool is available with TURBO UPDATE.


    What is this tool?
    This tool is a Firefox add-on / Google Chrome Extensionthat displays the following information about the domains listed in godaddy marketplace.

    • Google Pagerank
    • Link to check Domain Age and whois info.
    • Fake Pagerank Checker
    • OpenSite Explorer Backlinks
    • Yahoo Directory Listing
    • DMOZ listing
    • One Click Access to blekko.com.
    • Oneclick Access to AIOchecker.com ( Easy access to fake PR checker, Alexa Rank & Backlinks, Yahoo Google and Bing Indexed pages, Delicious Digg and technorati details, Site Value and Google bot last visit info with the click of a button )

    Works With Firefox and Google Chrome


    Is this add-on all about auctions ?
    NO. The addon can also be used in expired section of Godaddy.
    Just check the video below. I made a quick look at the closeouts section and found many PR domains and some even listed in DMOZ. Those domains were available for buy now price (<10$)

    High Quality Domains for the cheapest price.

    * Lists PageRank of all Domains listed under Godaddy Auctions page.
    * Works on Most Active, Expiring, Ending Soon, On Sale, Closeouts, A-Z Listings sections.
    * Shows Pagerank In Auctions search results. This feature makes it easier to pick quality domains in any niche.
    * No recurring Monthly Payment Subscription required.

    * As you are not leaving the TDNAM page, real time bidding information are available. !

    Strategies to make money using the domains

    Now I am not going to explain all the lucrative ways for domain flipping. Strategies are upto you. The 2 easy ways are,

    1. Link sales: Grab a High PR domain name and sell backlinks in DP or anywhere else.
    2. Develop a website and sell it for 5-6 times profit.
    Reviews and Testimonials..

    If you are still skeptical, gothrough our previous sales thread, see and believe what users says about it!
    The bugs in the previous versions were solved and no issues were reported till date.

    Awesome!! Now how much it costs ?
    No monthly fee. Only one time paymant..

    This product is available for only $37

    The price is so slashed down that even a newbie who wish to try domaining can also afford the cost..

    Visit Home Page


    Latest Feature Upgrades
    19/11/2011 Update:
    1. Displays the Pagerank is fake or not.
    2. Displays Backlink Count and Page Authority for each domain.
    3. Added Easy access to blekko.com

    Redesigned to fix bugs with new design changes

    Killer Reviews from thousands of satisfied customers!!
    See what other DigitalPoint members think about this product in older sales thread.

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