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[GO VIRAL] Viral Referral Script for Unlimited Unique Traffic Generation 1.0

Purchase this item for $30.00

  • Viral Referral Script
    Drive Unlimited Traffic to your Website for FREE)

    Hello folks,

    Enough of spending on Advertisements for traffic. I have written a php script that converts your visitors into traffic generators by viral invite to unlock system.

    How it works:

    When someone lands on your webpage, they will be given a referral link in link to their IP address.

    They in turn have to bring a particular count of people and make them visit your web page through their referral link to unlock and access the hidden content you provide on your page.

    How Spam is prevented:

    This script maps the user IP to their referral link thus ignoring any fake views generated to their own referral link.

    That is only Unique visits are counted. which result in unlimited Unique traffic generated to your site. ;)


    You can see a working demo here: http://samsunggalaxys8.crazytec.net




    As this script utilizes IP address of the visitors, only unique IP's are considered as valid referral. So you will receive hell a lot of unique visitors to your page.

    let's say you got 400 unique visits, and each have to refer 5 people to unlock the locked content,

    400 x 5 = 2000 unique visits
    2000 x 5 = 10000 unique visits
    10000 x 5 = 50000 unique visits
    and it grows rapidly!!


    PHP Script [which i will provide upon purchase]
    php 5.x & mySql 5.x supported hosting space

    What you will get:
    • Source Code
    • How to setup guide

    I am Selling this Script for $30, Buy now to get Viral in no time!!

    Thank you!
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