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    This short list will give you a collection of websites that you can go to to make money using only the internet starting today.

    -No list required.
    -No particular technical skills
    *Perfect for New Entrepreneurs
    *Get cashflow in your business

    I put this resource together because I know so many of us struggle with making a basic living online so it's hard to grow into the full internet lifestyle. This listing will give you specific sites you can go to today, do a little task, and make spendable money TODAY!

    Having a handy resource for making income into your business is mandatory for internet survival. While this is not a get rich manual, it is a list that can make you STABLE so you can pursue your internet business fully, even full time.

    This Microjob Black Book is not available anywhere else. I typically only give this to my coaching clients to help them get some money in their pocket and get their confidence up. I'm giving it to you today because it's too valuable a resource to hold back.

    With the few simple sites in this list you can make an easy $5US for putting forth a little effort ( you can't even call it work ). And If you do more on these sites you can make an easy $10-$20. That may not sound like much, but how would an extra $600 help your life and business this month?

    So {GET} the Microjob Black Book and apply it today because it's priced at less than what you can make your first day owning this .pdf .
    Just Purchase, Download, Read, Take Action, Make Money.

    -No Selling
    -No Autoresponder required
    -No Ranking
    *Turnkey business activity
    *Plug and Play money for tasks

    {GET} IN NOW!

    Thanks for reading,
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