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GeSHi Syntax Highlighter 1.3.0

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  • This is a GeSHi based syntax highlighter that intercepts CODE, HTML and PHP BBCode and formats them to be "pretty".

    • Put the contents of the library directory into your XenForo library directory.
    • Install the addon-dpSyntaxHighlighter.xml file in your Admin Control Panel -> Install Add-on option.
    • For PHP and HTML highlighting, nothing special is needed, just use the normal [php] and [html] BBCode.
    • If you want to specify a specific language to highlight, you can use the [code] BBCode with an option like so: [code=javascript]
    • All languages that GeSHi supports are supported (currently 220).
    • There is one option that is added to the "Messages" section of XenForo options. (Show Line Numbers In Parsed BBCode)


    1. David37002
      This is Great
      by ,
    2. radiusdanu
      useful add-on thanks
      by ,
    3. donscream
      Really great add-on compare to others.... This add-on is fast and it does what it is made for..
      by ,
    4. Qwk86gn
      Great add-on for anyone that post a lot of code, We love it mainly for the line numbers so we can describe to clients/customers better on what area we are talking about without having to highlight text red to get a point across. :)
      by ,
    5. korhox
      4/5 because config missing, and may color settings for dark theme users.
      by ,
    6. Arick unirow
      Inserting 'specific language codes' into post would be 'easier' (and readable) with this add-on.
      by ,
    7. pupul
      Awesome plugin
      by ,
    8. arpamonni
      one of the best add-ons I'm always looking for.tnx
      by ,
    9. Londo Mollari
      Great Addon, thank you for this!
      by ,
    10. xu2steve
      does it have any options
      by ,
    11. Mirovinger
      by ,
    12. testtest123
      Nice but the [code=rich] is not working anymore after you install this
      by ,
    13. rahu_l_
      awesome plugin ...<3 DP
      by ,
    14. djahmednawaz
      Awesome Working as Required.
      by ,