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Free ViralNova Clone Template/Wordpress Theme v2.3

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(free for premium members)

  • Demo: http://clonetemplates.com/preview/viralnova/
    Details: http://clonetemplates.com/portfolio/viralnova/

    ViralNova is a ViralNova clone template on wordpress. It comes with a responsive grid layout and infinite scrolling experience. Social Sharing buttons and 4 ad places are ready to help your monetize your website!


    Key Features:
    • Responsive Grid system(Since v1.1)
    • Infinite scroll
    • Category Icons
    • Nested Menu (Since v2.0)
    • Menu Icons(Since v1.2)
    • Switch from Facebook comment/Disqus comment/Native Wordpress comment (since v2.0)
    • Theme Option: favicon/logo uploader, tracking codes, etc
    • Social Sharing buttons
    • 4 Ad places
    • Sticky sidebar (check the right sidebar when you scroll down the page here)
    • Tab widget with Hot/Recent posts and tags (since v2.0)
    • Custom User Social profiles on the header and footer
    • Compatible with modern browsers
    Demo: http://clonetemplates.com/preview/viralnova/
    Details: http://clonetemplates.com/portfolio/viralnova/

    Note: What's on sale here is free version (no copyright removal, no support) but I cannot set the price to 0 here because I am not premium member. For more options and premium support, you may want to try the premium version on the details page as above link.
    1. Octavio Hinestroza
      no me funciono esta roto alguien pude faciltarme un enlace de descarga que si funcione
      by ,
    2. Arick unirow
      saved it now for future usage
      by ,
    3. vivix
      wasted money. doesent work
      by ,
    4. gginer89
      Same, paid the $1 for it and received a theme that crashed right when you activate it.
      by ,
    5. Davinator
      That theme completely broke my site as soon as I activated it. Not good...what's up with that? It was a brand new WP Install, and as soon as I hit "activate" for the theme, nothing could be accessed. The only way I could get it running again was to completely delete the whole theme...
      by ,
    6. David Graham
      Great Plugin
      by ,
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    Upload Date
    1. v2.3
      1.2 MB
      Mar 12, 2015
    2. v2.0
      840.9 KB
      Dec 5, 2014
    3. v1.2 Free
      834.1 KB
      Sep 30, 2014