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For Sale - Amazon FBA Brand in Kids PPE Niche - 2.0 Brand Registered - 25% Profit Margin

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    Product Listing Highlights

    • Fully Developed and Optimized FBA Listing - Plug-and-Play
    • Clean Amazon Record - Strong Account Health and Feedback
    • Branding - All Photo Content and Video Included
    • Over 485 Reviews - Review Velocity of 11 per Month
    • High Star Rating - Overall 4.7 Star Rating
    • Brand Registry 2.0 / A+ Content is Set-Up (See "Trademark" Section)
    • Active and Profitable PPC Campaigns
    • Includes Domain: www.SafetyMates.com

    Actual Market Price Valuation
    • Third party valuation: $87,207 Mid Market Price ($61,045 Low - $113,369 High)
    • Typical SDE Calculation: $84,168 (Using a multiple of 3 with financials shown on the listing)

    About SafetyMates

    Our vision is to protect, empower, and provide kids and parents with the tools and products they need to be ready at school and home. The Covid-19 virus has reshaped the way we utilize products like face masks and other protective equipment we bring into our homes. We are addressing the problem of health and safety products being boring, bland, and non-engaging. At SafetyMates we are designing fun and approachable health and medical accessories that are playful, functional, and most importantly safe for everyone.

    Why I am Selling SafetyMates

    I am pursuing my dream to become a Product Photographer and will be building a service-based business that will take most of my time away from continuing my FBA venture. It has been a great experience creating a profitable brand on Amazon but I have to follow my heart and pursue my dreams! I am sad to see the company go but I am hoping that the right buyer will take SafetyMates or the product itself to new heights.


    All bookkeeping is done by a professional eCommerce firm that uses Quickbooks Online on a monthly basis using the accrual method. Daily sales average 21 units a day with an expected explosion in sales during the back-to-school month in August. By adding other products that support this product such as face masks, sanitizers, UV sanitation cases, common school products like lunchboxes, backpacks, and inch supplies this brand can easily grow to 2x-4x its current size in net income.


    SafetyMates makes 100% of its sales from Amazon and is close to 100% automated. The time required to run this business is no more than 1 hour a week (Checking Sales and Adjusting PPC). We use the Fulfilled-By-Amazon model where all the inventory is shipped into the Amazon warehouse and is 100% fulfilled by Amazon. Your future supplier will ship products directly into the Amazon warehouse or you can choose to store them in a 3PL or at home and ship them into the Amazon warehouse as needed. The product is so small that keeping it in your garage or living room is actually a viable option.


    Inventory will be charged in addition to the bid price. Inventory will be counted and calculated at the time of purchase at cost. This covers the product itself, shipping costs, and all taxes and duties incurred at the time of import.


    We work with 2 extremely responsive suppliers for this product in China. They are capable of communicating in English at a proficient level and they are also able to give advice on trending products and expanding your product line. They are flexible when it comes to payments and have helped me solve problems relating to the product in order to best optimize it for Amazon.


    Since the business is 100% operated using Amazon FBA there is a huge opportunity to expand in channels outside of Amazon such as eBay, Walmart, and Shopify. I have also had success in cutting deals with private buyers with any returns I receive. I also believe schools and nonprofits would love this product and have the money to invest in it.


    There is 1 US trademark application that is pending and has not been officially accepted by the USPTO. There is a conflicting mark that can be appealed. The risk of any legal claims being filed is low and unlikely due to the difference in category. I have been able to use the current serial number for the SafetyMates mark to gain access to Brand Registry 2.0 and A+ Content. Further action would be needed to get this trademark officially approved in the USA. Check Status on USPTO.gov SafetyMates: 90605784
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      Product Listing Highlights Fully Developed and Optimized FBA Listing - Plug-and-Play Clean...