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Floodcrm Invite CODE: Flood SMS, E-Mails & Phones 1.01

Purchase this item for $7.00
($4.99 for premium members)

  • You Are gonna get an invitation code to sign up at floodcrm.net
    What is floodcrm.net?
    FloodCRM is an invite-only Russian service providers that offer email, SMS and phone calling bombing or Flooding They\'re based in Russia and are considered to be pretty ... \"shady\", though their work/services are perfect fit for the following reasons:

    1- Business temporarily blocking out their competitors\' customers / ruining their mail inbox (and potential leads)
    2- Carders, Crackers (they flood the mail inbox before and after a raid)
    3- Trollers (obvious what their intentions are)
    4- Doxing groups
    5- Revenge (angry girlfriend / boyfriend payback)
    simply put, anyone who would want someone\'s phone, mail inbox or SMS flooded.
    You will receive an invite code to sign up on their site then you will be able to use their services any how you want!!!!!

    ENJOY YOUR BOMBING!!!!!!!!!!!


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