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FB ADVOCATE - How to Get Tons of Traffic to Your Fan Pages 1

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  • How To Utilize The Facebook Group "Snowball Effect" To Get...
    Massive Traffic To Almost Any Fan Page In Almost Any Niche

    I am one of a handful of individuals who have secured publisher's rights to the letter below written by Jason Fladlien.

    I have found extreme value from this, so I wish to pass it along and share it with you. Enjoy!

    Abdellah El kachouti

    I have a consulting client. The majority of his income is made the following way:

    1. He creates a Facebook group using items in the news.
    2. He automatically adds "taste makers" to that group.
    3. They in turn add people, who add people, who add people...
    If the group doesn't have 1,000+ members in 5 days without him touching it beyond the initial 10 minute set up... Then he just deletes that group and moves on to the next.

    The power is this: he only has to spend a few minutes on these groups, and then just lets them "build themselves..."

    So he focuses all his time turning out one group after another and he has an impressive collection of groups whose members total in the millions!

    How Do You Make Money From This?
    Lots of ways - here is one. Look at this image below and notice the highlighted text...

    He uses Facebook groups like autoresponders!
    Yep, he can email the whole group whenever he likes. And what does he email them? He generally sends them to... Fan Pages!

    Makes sense, doesn't it? What better place to take Facebook people to... Than Facebook? And he sends them to pages that force them to like stuff before unlocking content.

    There are other ways he monetizes these groups... He:
    1. Sells advertising space. He finds buyers through this forum (no, not warrior forum).
    2. Flips the groups - meaning he sells the groups to someone else for a big windfall payday.
    3. Offers things like McDonald's gift cards. Each email sign up brings him around $1.20.
    Want To Know Another Powerful
    "Facebook Only" Trick?

    We were doing webinars last year selling a $997 product.

    During the webinar we'd make the attendees "Facebook" their notes... Meaning we'd have them take notes through their Facebook status updates while the webinar was going on.

    The incentive was we'd randomly draw one note at the end and give that person a prize.

    The Real Secret...
    Is we could control exactly what would show up when people comment and/or "Like Us" during the webinar.

    Here is what we were adding to everyone's timeline for each note:

    This scored us thousands of extra dollars we would've otherwise never had - and it took us just a few minutes and the use of free software...

    Would you like to know how to do this? And not just for webinars, but all sorts of other equally profitable applications for "Facebooking your notes"... And incentivize people with a simple gift you could give away that wouldn't cost you a dime?

    Oh you would? Then pay careful attention as I reveal...

    Introducing FB Advocate!
    How to Get Tons of Traffic to Your Fan Pages
    This is a wonderful written training manual that you can get immediate access to today.

    It's written by me, Jason Fladlien. If you don't know who I am, know this: I started a brand new company less than 12 months ago that has already brought in over 2 million dollars!

    Yes, That's 2 Million With An 'M'!
    I know a thing or two about traffic. I know how to get it to and from Facebook. I have documented every successful strategy in the Facebook Advocate Training manual which you can get at an extremely low price for a limited time - more on that in a sec.

    First, let me quickly walk through this guide. It's concise and right to the point weighing in at just a little over 5,000 words. You'll be able to breeze through it in no time.

    Second, it's written in step by step fashion so I just describe to you the power of a certain technique - then show you how to easily use it in a "first do this, then that, then this..." fashion.

    When you get your hands on this manual today quickly flip it open to Chapter One to discover...

    The Comment & Win Facebooking Strategy
    We dive right in with this chapter outlining exactly how we got over 1,000+ comments promoting our webinar on Facebook in less than 2 hours using free software and giving away a gift that didn't cost us anything.

    I show you exactly how to set this up in just a few minutes.

    You'll discover how to use this for web pages, blogs, Facebook fan pages and more with specific monetization schemes revealed.

    Next, go on to Chapter 2 for...

    Tagging & Mentioning For Profit!
    You know you can post as your fan page instead of as you, right? If not I show you how.

    Better still: I show you how to show up on other people's profiles and fan pages... Directly in their latest photo rolls, on their walls, on their feeds, in their videos and more... With just a few seconds of work.

    Best of all - I show you a technique that will automatically mail "heavy traffic influencers" a certain kind of message just by doing one thing that takes less than 60 seconds. Often the result is you get a ton of traffic from this because we utilize a certain psychological trigger that we tie to this method.

    I reveal it all.

    Dominating Facebook Groups
    Here is where I reveal all the strategies I teased you about earlier.

    I show you how to set up a group in less than 2 minutes... How to add people to it without requiring any approval (or even consent!) on their part - and then how to get them to do that to their friends as well.

    Plus you'll discover how to set up a group email address so you can use Facebook groups like autoresponders.

    Finally we break down monetization through giving away gift cards for profit, selling ad space and also flipping Facebook groups. You'll love this.

    Facebook Advertising Tricks
    I walk you through exactly how I run ads on behalf of a local business... And get paid for my efforts.

    You'll discover a huge secret for reducing your ad costs. I show you "time of day" secrets, "gender segmentation secrets" and reveal two excellent image "hacks" that almost always result in higher click thru rates.

    Plus I show you tips to get a 25% discount (or more!) on your ads.

    I've Saved The Best For Last?
    On the final chapter I reveal a way to use Fiverr to get over 1,000 likes to a fan page for $5. But I don't want you to do this for yourself.

    Instead, do this with local businesses using the approach I lay out - and you'll be scoring high dollar clients all day long from a tiny, little $5 investment on fiverr.

    How Much For This Training?
    Glad you asked - you're going to love this. The training was so simple to create because I wrote it based on personal experiences... So I was able to knock this out in a few hours.

    As a result I'd love to "pass the savings" on to you by making this incredibly affordable for you.

    As of right now you can get your hands on this training immediately for just $19.95. Better get it now before I come to my senses and raise the price to more accurately reflect the value you're getting today.

    Plus You're Backed By A 30 Day Guarantee

    Buy it now. Try it for 30 days. For any reason or no reason at all if you want your money back within that period of time... Let me, Abdellah El kachouti, know and I'll personally return every penny of your purchase back to you.

    To risk nothing... And you stand to gain everything... That's why you will click the Add to Cart button below now and sign up. I'll see you on the other side!

    FB ADVOCATE - How to Get Tons of Traffic to Your Fan Pages

    P.S. We Just Added A Killer Bonus

    When you sign up today you get the Facebook SSL report we wrote and sold for $17 here. It's yours free though when you sign up right now!


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