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    Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

    Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.

Exit Script Pop-Up 1

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  • On Average.... 95% or more of your visitors are leaving, going somewhere else to make their purchases & filling someone else's pockets full of their money!

    No More Worries.... today we’re offering COMPLETE ACCESS to the ultimate tool that helps suck in extra optins, increase conversions by 200% to 300% and make your sites as sticky as flypaper.
    This Simply Cannot Be Stopped

    Brain Dead Easty.... if you can copy & paste some code in to your html documents then upload newly updated files using your own FTP, cPanel or whichever option is provided by your web hosting service you’ll have zero problems with this script.

    Get Started Today.... and stop losing money and optins to your competors!

    Clearly you want to know more inform, so here's the deal we’re offering:
    Easy to use unblockable exit pop…
    Immune to ALL popup blockers…
    Shows up only when your visitors
    hit their back button or try to close
    your sales page or free offer…
    Not an irritating script that is enabled
    if they accidentally move their cursor
    outside the active window…
    Dynamically serves up any pages,
    forms, etc... or anything else you're
    wanting to show behind the popup.

    Can you say upsells, downsells, audios, videos, live chat... or just
    about anything else imaginable? The possibilities are endless!

    Watch The Quick Video Below To See How Truly Mind Numbingly Easy Our New Script Is To Use

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