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  • Hi Dearest DP Member!

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard the buzz over the most popular website selling service called Flippa.com. I’m sure many of you folks have tried to utilize it to make money with selling sites. I am also pretty sure that some of you have quitted Flippa trading. That’s true, doing business on online auctions is pretty challenging. Basically, it’s like Russian roulette: you never know what you’ll get. Today you are in, tomorrow you are out, and this vicious circle scares many beginners away.

    Sometimes Flippa traders fail to sell their sites within the first days, or even weeks. Very often their sites are bought for minimal bid of $1-2, which means they lose a lot of time and money. Sometimes they do their best to build a great site, spend a lot of time on content and design, but this site remains a loser. So, what exactly you do WRONG?
    • You build wrong sites
    • You choose wrong auction strategy and selling techniques
    • You deal with wrong audience

    So, why some people sell tons of brand new sites and generate huge income while others fail to get even the tiniest bids? Luck? Well, probably luck matters…1-2% maybe. The rest 98% is your personal approach and the fruits of your analysis and work.

    Basically, there are two types of Flippa sellers: those who register, try to sell something using only their intuition, fail to sell the site at once, and say goodbye to Flippa; and those who use wise techniques, knows how to build good output, plans their selling strategy, and says hello to lots of clients and money.

    I Am The Second Type!
    And I’m going to tell you how to replicate my success right now!

    First of all, let me introduce myself. Unlike many authors who are selling guides I’m not going to hide my Flippa profile and stay incognito.

    I’m not one of those folks who claim that they earn $xxxxx and can’t show any real proofs.

    At this moment my total income from selling websites alone is $144,000+. Besides, I made $35,000 on additional sites and services. My hosting, domains, and listings expenses are about $37,000.

    My Flippa career started back in Feburary, 2011, and my surplus by this moment is approximately $142,000!!!
    I generate 98% of my income from brand new sites – with NO INCOME or TRAFFIC!

    My initial investments were $7.50 for domain + $19 for listing + tons of enthusiasm and strong desire to work. So, if you are somewhat like me, you can do it too no problem!

    I decided to write this guide when checked my own stats on Flippsters.com and realized that I am the most successful (and consequently experienced) Flippa trader. And I decided that I’m now skilled enough to share my knowledge with others.

    In this guide you’ll find all the tips and information that I felt desperate need of in the dawn of my career.

    Each and every word in the guide is the fruit of my real experience, not some ghostly theories or guesswork.
    So, why is it good?

    • It will give you strong understanding of Flippa work
    • It will enable you to choose the right strategy that fits you personally
    • It will help you to choose the right types of sites to sell on Flippa
    • It will teach you the secret ninja tricks that the hottest Flippa sellers use in their work

    Here are the benefits you’ll get:

      • You will start making four-digit earnings every week!
      • You’ll be able to work for as little as several hours per day and work from home!
      • You’ll keep receiving orders and money even when the site is sold!
      • You’ll save lots of money on initial investments!
    All in all, you can’t turn even a washing machine without reading the manual. This guide will be your manual to the greatest money-making machine – Flippa.com!


    How this guide differs from other Flippa guides?

    Firstly, I am the only ACTIVE Flippa seller who decided to write a serious manual about Flippa work.

    Secondly, I am the top Flippa seller who managed to sell a great amount sites there, which proves my vast experience.

    Thirdly, I’m not hiding my personality. Want to know who I am? Feel free to check my profile and stats.

    And finally, this guide contains not only ALL the necessary information to get started and succeed, but also some additional info that will optimize your work.
    Who need this guide?

    I believe everyone does. Both newbies and hardcore sellers will doubtlessly find something interesting there.

    Am I going to quit Flippa?
    Absolutely not.To lose such an awesome source of income? No, thanks.

    What about the initial investments?

    I started with $26.50.

    Am I supposed to have any specific knowledge?

    Well, I’ve sold my very first site less than a month after I learned the difference between the terms “domain” and “hosting”. Of course it is very good if you have at least some basic web design skills, but still, you don’t have to be here a Solomon to make money on Flippa. Even a newbie can make good money if has motivation and strong desire to succeed.

    Why only 50% of your listings are sold?

    The point is unlike many $1 sellers, my sites’ minimal cost is $59 (70% of them are $69). Plus, I never buy 40 dollars upgrades to post my auctions on Flippa first page. That’s why the amount of sold sites is lower, but the income is higher in fact. You’ll find more information about this issue in the guide.

    In this guide you’ll learn:

      • what is Flippa so that you know exactly how it works and get the best of it.
      • who are Flippa Sellers so that you know your enemy and have a chance to defeat your competitors and also identify your own position on Flippa.
      • who are Flippa Buyers so that you know more about your clients’ desires and requirements and know what buttons to push.
      • which sites to sell on Flippa so that you get familiar with each and every possible variant and choose those which will be easier to create for you personally.
      • which selling techniques to use so that you understand the mechanism of Flippa trading and use proper techniques.
      • tips and advices so that you can optimize your work and extend your Flippa horizons.
    We Offer 100% Money back Guarantee!!!

    If our guide will fail to help you within 60 days, we will give you your money back!


      • Manual on autoblogs building (50 pages)
      • Manual on sites transfer

    This guide provides you with all the necessary information about Flippa business. It will help you to become as successful as I am now. To be honest, Flippa is probably one of the few REAL methods of making money online. I’ve earned enough to start my own web company and multiply revenues. And I keep working on Flippa because it guarantees stable income.

    So, if you want to:

      • Build and sell websites on Flippa and make five digit incomes each month
      • Have stable monthly income and comfortable working schedule
      • Learn the secrets of Flippa.com
      • Find the best sources of online income
    …Grab Your Copy NOW!

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    We will send you your copy of Flippa Guide + Very special bonus guide on how to build an autoblog as a PDF file.

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    Best Regards.

    P.S. – You don’t have to pay for Autoblogs Bonus Guide – it comes as a bonus FOR FREE!
    P.P.S. – These methods are proven! I tested all of them on myself many times and they DO work!
    P.P.P.S. – If you think I’m wrong you can get your money back. Buying my guide is zero risk. You have two months to check it!
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