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    1. DomainerHelper
      Total crap. It is an advertisement for his own JUNK. This is the most amateur piece I have ever bought. I should have read the comments first. I cannot believe that DP approved this piece of crap.
      by ,
    2. Mindwizard
      This is the first product I have bought through DigitalPoint - and it is likely to be my last. The rules say don't lie and don't cheat. This e-book invites you to make money by doing both: to quote: "So if you did not understand what we’re going to be doing yet, it’s making a fake [iPhone] unlocking website protected by terms of service that people will buy from and not receive their unlocking codes/instructions. It’s legal since we’ll be writing some stuff in the terms of service which gives us the right to decline refunds." Is this acceptable? Not to me. Unless I am mistaken, Digital Point doesn't appear to have refund/complaints policy - I would have immediately taken advantage of both. Shame on you.
      by ,
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