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    "Attention! Internet Marketers"

    From : Tom Lua
    Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2013
    Dear Friend,
    You absolutely know that the money is in the list. if you want to succeed BIG time... and earn BIG bucks in this industry. You got to have a list. One of the absolute advantages of having a list, is that you can promote affiliate products or your own product to them.
    However, there are so many products to promote and how many emails can you send a day without getting your subscribers feel SPAMMED?
    Trust me, I know how it feels to see the low sales conversion and list of subscribers keep unsubbing due to daily promotional emails. You see, if you need to promote 10 products, you need to send at least 10 emails and more if you want to pre-sell to them!
    What if you are able to promote 10,15 or even 20 products in just a single email without buring your list?
    . [​IMG]
    Your Plug and Play Turnkey system!
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    You get 8 beautifully Customizable Product Catalogs Templates which allow you to promote any products you want!
    [​IMG]8 Customizable Catalogs Templates
    [​IMG]My Own Product Catalogs For Your Reference
    [​IMG]And many more Awesome Bonuses
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    A PDF to guide you on utilizing Elite Product Catalog[​IMG]

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    On that basis, let me start now before it's too late!


    Warmest Regards,
    Tom Lua

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    1. How do I contact Support with any Issues/Concerns?

    Please contact our support by emailing

    2. How Do I Download The Bonuses?
    Sure, Due to the fact that Digitalpoint forum don't allow the file size to exceed 7mb, I only upload the Catalogs on the forum. To get the bonuses, please PM me after your purchase or buy directly from the sales thread. You can also buy directly from here >> http://tomlua.net/eliteproductcatalog/

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