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Domain Reselling php Script....Start your own domain reselling business in 2021 3.2

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  • If you are in the domain trading business then 2021 will be the best year to begin with
    as per the predictions of domain marketplace professionals. There are thousands of startups waiting for the big crisis to go away, so that they could invest their savings in new online business. Guess what?? Their first step to do is to buy a good domain name to make a move.

    So, if you are already dealing with domain buying or selling, having a stock of domain names sitting in your domain registrar's account, earning nothing. And you are sick of renewing every year. Time has come to take them out and put them all together in one website to make some quick bucks.

    If you belong to this category then I can help you build the website in php which will be 100% compatible with google search, analytics, adsense, tablette, mobile and so on.

    Check the DEMO HERE

    Me too I belong to this category, sick of paying listing fees at ebay, flippa, daaz, sedo etc, even if I sold once in a while, 20% money goes to fees, commissions etc. So I decided to launch my own site in Nov 2020 to get rid of all those hassles.
    Result?? three domain names sold in 2 months with total earnings of USD2655...that was magnifique..and we had a good New Year Eve.

    I did a very good SEO job for my website from the begining...today as of July 22, my site is ranked on the first page of yahoo, bing search engine with the keywords like...resell domain marketplace, domain resell platform. Waiting for google to consider me on the first page.
    And the Adsense has already earned me $157 in six months.

    It can happen to your site as well. So make your mind today itself so that your website goes online today, making money while you are on vacation.


    The original handmade php website script which will have some domain names in it to make you understand how things work. You can edit and modify those domain names with yours including your paypal id. If you already have some html, php, css skills..Bingo! you can do whatever you like to make your site look better. Besides, I'll be available for support if you ever need.

    Besides, selling your domains from your own site, you can also make money from other users who will pay you for listing their domains in your platform. There are more potentials to add options to sale other services as well.

    You must have your own domain name, a webhosting account.
    You must provide me your hosting ftp access login details where I will upload the script and you do the rest.
    Or you can send me the details later through message.

    NOTE: The Original Script file is more than 7MB, due to the size only a part of the script was uploaded. If you were sent to a downlink and you find the script incomplete, PLEASE DON'T PANIC. You will receive the original one soon after the verification of your payment.

    Thankyou for your time and look forward to serving you soon.


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