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  • Any individual who starts as an owner, or as member of the management team of a company, should focus to achieve a sustainable advantage. The advantage is essential for sustainable value creation, so that cash flows are reliable over long periods of time.

    The creation of a sustainable advantage requires mastery of subjects of entrepreneurship, leadership and management. The first key is the following:


    The key to success will be determined in the capacity and safety you have in yourself. An entrepreneur who trusts in himself is confident in his abilities and has the power to overcome the shortcomings of your company. They are motivated and do not expect someone else to make the first move. They are the initiators.

    Rational thought:

    Common strategies of well-structured should be used at the same time to start a new business. The essential requirements for the development of the common sense of an entrepreneur are when they acquire the right skills and sufficient experience. They are able to identify complex problems and make them the simplest and have the ability to access the basic experiences of life when making decisions.


    Exceptional imagination is needed to detect problems with the smallest piece of information, and use this information to launch new products and new marketing techniques. They find solutions to problems, and see them as opportunities for growth.

    Hard work:

    They have the perseverance to work day and night, in order to achieve a profitable result. They thrive on challenges. They do not have a lazy spirit in their lives.


    Business leaders have qualities such as motivation, self-confidence, planning and evaluation, as they are the initiators and are one step ahead of others. Seek exploit opportunities. They are the example for others to emulate.

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