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  • Benefits
    • Placement Consistency - social buttons are in same place on all pages
    • Lightweight - needs a single 2KB HTTP request to render, vs. 20 HTTP requests totaling 116KB for the default social buttons
    • Retina Ready - logos are SVG and can scale infinitely
    • CSS Animations - all animations used are CSS based to make use of hardware acceleration
    • Counter Consistency - share counters work properly on pages with extra data in the URL (for example on page 2 of a thread)
    Twitter List Integration
    You can utilize Twitter Lists on your Twitter account to generate a rotating feed of tweets that can be specific to each forum (for example if you have a forum about a company, you could create a Twitter List with members being employees of that company).

    You can set a default Twitter List to fallback to in areas that you have not picked a specific list for.

    Settings for the Twitter integration are on the "Twitter Integration" area of XenForo options.

    You can see how it works/looks by going to any page within digitalpoint.com. For example the main forum page falls back to a Twitter List consisting of users that have premium membership accounts on our site: https://forums.digitalpoint.com/

    Due to the integration with the Twitter API, this addon requires that you have a valid caching mechanism defined within your XenForo config.php.



    1. rahu_l_
      Fewer HTTP Request is a great idea to improve front-end performance. :)
      by ,
    2. Davondre Lee
      cool I like using it
      by ,
    3. glodium
      thanks for making something useful,
      by ,
    4. radiusdanu
      excellent add-on but how to fix the blank space?
      by ,
    5. hemant17
      great addon but not working on my forum showing blank space only no tweet in it
      by ,
    6. c0ngit
      Great, this is solutions your website!
      by ,
    7. spacehades
      I like the simple design.
      by ,
    8. PhilKëvin
      Looks great but doesn't work on my forum. What I doing wrong?
      by ,
    9. JadsterXD
      Haven't installed it yet but upon seeing what others say about it and seeing it used on other sites, I will surely enjoy using it and will more then likely keep the branding to give full credit to DP!
      by ,
    10. samazgor
      When i hover mouse the icon appears a loading sign. I dont know if this is functionality of this plugin..... but this plugin is good.
      by ,
    11. Arick unirow
      This Add-On uses less HTTP request to load social icons. Fewer HTTP Request is a great idea to improve front-end performance. :)
      by ,
    12. DanHawkins
      POOR - Paid to get branding free.... Validation fails and no "Help" section is provided to help me resolve it - waste of money >: (
      by ,
    13. pupul
      Awesome plugin
      by ,
    14. McAtze
      The AddOn is very nice and helpfull. Its just annoying that i can't use it, cause the requierements.
      by ,
    15. PardyCo
      Works great, and is very convenient. Not to mention I have been trying to get a decent social share buttons to replace the old ones for some time now. The Twitter feed is a huge bonus!
      by ,
    16. liamwli
      Relatively good, although I didn't realise it needed a frontend cache to be enabled... :)
      by ,
    17. ShoeMaster
      A must have add-on!
      by ,
    18. VonDoom
      Loving this and working flawlessly
      by ,
    19. datoneer
      This is a great addon!
      by ,
    20. Matthew2D
      You are the man!
      by ,
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