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  • First things first, these things are outside the scope of support from us...
    • Apple requires that the API endpoints function under HTTPS. This means either your site need to have a signed (and working) SSL certificate, or if you are a Digital Point premium member, you can utilize our HTTPS servers for your endpoints (premium members don't need to have their own SSL certificate).
    • If you are utilizing your own SSL certificate/own endpoints, you will need a Linux/Unix type of web server (if you utilize our HTTPS servers [see above], this requirement can be ignored).
    • You will need an Apple Developer account (either iOS or Mac) to generate your Website Push certificate. If you don't already have one, they run $99 per year (you have to regenerate your certificate every 12 months, so this will ultimately be a recurring cost).
    • You will need access to a Mac when you generate your push certificates.
    • PHP must be compiled with OpenSSL support (check with your web hosting company for this... chances are, you already have it).
    This is a fairly technical addon, and generally requires more support time on our end to help users get up and running than is required for simpler addons. Because of this, we only offer support assistance for setup/configuration to our premium members.

    Now that's out of the way, on to the good stuff...

    This addon will turn XenForo notices into push notifications and send them to user's Mac OS X 10.9+ computers/Notification Center without them needing be on your site or even have a browser open. It will send XenForo's Conversation notices (the notices you normally get in the Inbox pop-up menu in the navigation) as well as XenForo Alerts (things that show up under the Alerts pop-up menu).

    It will send push notifications for non-standard alerts as well (alerts generated by 3rd party addons).

    Currently this only works for end users using OS X 10.9 or higher when they visit the site at least once with Safari (at some point hopefully Apple opens up the technology to iPhone, iPad and iPod devices as well, but currently it does not work on iOS).

    • Utilizes XenForo's Deferred system for handling the actual sending of the push notices to Apple's servers (doesn't slow down the user that performed the action that triggered the notices).
    • A daily process contacts Apple's servers to get a list of invalid device IDs you have been sending notices to (typically this is caused when a device that accepted notices at some point goes out of service). The system automatically removes the invalid devices from the system.
    • Daily stats are logged (for "active push devices" as well as "push messages sent" each day). These will show up in the normal XenForo statistics area.
    • API issues are logged to XenForo's normal server log.
    • Comes with tool to ease public/private key and certificate generation. Includes tool to generate (and properly name) various sized icon images you need for your push package.




    1. Ernest L. Defoe
      Very awesome concept. Hope to get this fully working on my site. My issues have nothing to do with this add-on. The issues I am having is with my host having the port blocked to send the info to the Apple servers. Once this gets fixed this add-on will be worth every penny for those using OSX Mavericks. Hopefully Apple opens it up to iOS devices soon.
      by ,