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Digital Point Better Facebook Registration 1.01

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    I was getting terribly annoyed with the number of users registering with Facebook Connect, only to say they accidentally registered with their real name and wanted to change it.

    So with this, the default username will be their Facebook username, NOT their real name.

    This will work with 4.0.3 or higher (4.0.3 was the first version with Facebook Connect).

    • Install the product-dp_better_facebook_reg.xml product under AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    You can see a live version in action here (assuming you are logged into Facebook of course):

    Let's say my name is "Shawn Hogan" and my Facebook username is "dpoint" (which it is) and I sign up for a forum that utilizes the Facebook Connect integration that came with vBulletin 4.0.3 or higher...

    By default, vBulletin will make my username "Shawn Hogan".

    With this addon, my default username will be "dpoint"... if "dpoint" is taken, it will default to "dpoint75" (1975 is the year I was born)... if "dpoint75" is taken, it will default to "dpointXX" (XX being a random number).

    By default vBulletin also resets the username back to "Shawn Hogan" if I overrode it, but there was an error with my registration. So as an added bonus, the system will always remember the username if it was set by the user registering.
    1. m7sen
      HI does it work with vb3.8.11 what about google or twitter can i register from them is there any option to check the email for random registration before they register like send a Confirm mail with a link to complete the registration thanks
      by ,
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    3. Johnbenson
      It is straight to the points and revolutionary. In few minutes I got what I couldn't get in others for months. The search engines analysis of current discussions is second to non.
      by ,
    4. Arick unirow
      It serve the purpose very well. Using FB user name is better than FB Real Name.
      by ,
    5. rahu_l_
      a very useful plugin..
      by ,
    6. pupul
      Awesome plugin
      by ,