1. Advertising
    y u no do it?

    Advertising (learn more)

    Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

    Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.
  • This allows you to insert an ad into a random location within the post currently being viewed and/or insert an ad after the currently viewed post.

    This is the system we use to position ads here on this site.

    • You can control which user groups see ads.
    • You can control which forums the ads are inserted for.
    • Ads are inserted relative to the currently viewed post, not necessarily the first/last, etc. post in a thread.
    • Requires no template edits
    • All settings can be found under Options -> Digital Point Ad Positioning
    • Our ad revenue more than doubled when we implemented this (and we opted to only use it for non-registered members).

    AdSense Compliance/Functions
    • AdSense ads will never show on login, logout, registration or error pages.
    • Select forums categories that will never display AdSense ads.
    • Choose forums that will suppress AdSense ads if the thread has an image in it.
    • Suppress AdSense ads on a per thread basis (under Thread Tools).
    • Has built-in system for Google AdSense bot to optionally authenticate/view protected pages for ad targeting (conversations or private forums for example).
    1. mwc85
      great help
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    2. cryptopreneur
      Can I use this on mybb?
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    3. fuad_2000
      good addon
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    4. Mohammad75
      It's a piece of art. Thank you :)
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    5. radiusdanu
      thanks for this
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    6. HostWinds_Jesse
      Nice works like a charm. Thank so much!!
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    7. takmeto
      useful add-on!
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    8. Neal-UK
      Easy to setup and so far my income has increased slightly. Still not earned enough to buy a yacht just yet :)
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    9. Creative Nerd
      Awesome! Works like it should, thank you!
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    10. Wrye83
      Works exactly as advertised.
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    11. 1215
      thanks for contributing!
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    12. Gerva Sharma
      Too Useful but i think DP don't need a footer link
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    13. dannyefc
      Awesome, thanks very much
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    14. Axel B
      Excellent product!
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    15. samazgor
      Ad positioning is very good plugin :)
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    16. Arick unirow
      I like the idea to Insert ads in random position. With the combination to 'counter' adblocker, it will be awesome. Perhaps changing elements and styles may do the tricks (I am not sure about that).
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    17. ShoeMaster
      Thanks! Very good plugin!
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    18. pupul
      Awesome plugin
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    19. melbo9
      DP Ad Positioning has been very helpful in our advertising display. We use DPA in a Xenforo forum and it couldn't be easier.
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    20. kopukum
      very useful :) thx
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    21. Nusaint
      Quite impressive. Is there a way to use this with the Xenporta by Jason?
      by ,
    22. kintaro81
      with extra positioning ads (external to posts) could be perfect!
      by ,
    23. Nigel Lew
      I recently had to knock up a community site with xenforo. This is a must have mod. Well done Shawn!
      by ,
    24. 3rd Angle
      The only ad platform on my site.. i just got a check from Google.. came in to say thanks
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    25. energetic
      I like this, very useful.
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    26. robbydeletter
      New update is amazing. Thank you so much:)
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    27. Densely
      A must have for Xenforo forum owners. Works like a charm.
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