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CPA MONEY - Create your passive income 1.0

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  • Hello to all.
    My name is Michael. I would like to bring to your attention the topic of earnings, which is associated with affiliate programs

    Most people have ever tried to work with them.
    However, if you did not work - do not worry.
    This manual is suitable for everyone!

    We will work with dating offers that require registration. Usually pay from 2 dollars to 5.

    This manual includes:
    1. Step by step instruction with pictures
    2. The so-called scripts that imitate traffic, registration and behavior of the activity (change the ip-address from which the user came, the browser language, etc.)
    3. My technical support

    From you only need:
    • Email-addresses (I will tell you what is specifically needed. If not, I will share you)
    • About 2 dollars a week to maintain bots.
    • Payoneer / Paypal
    • 30-60 minutes of your time a day maximum.

    What is the profit?
    I received 200 or 350 per week.
    In the initial stages, I strongly recommend getting up to $ 100.

    My Payouts from CPA

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