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    Advertise virtually anything here, with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads and CPC contextual links. You can target relevant areas of the site and show ads based on geographical location of the user if you wish.

    Starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC.
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    Discover a New Plugin That Turns Any Wordpress Website Into a CPA Marketing Machine and increases CPA Conversions by over300%

    Single Site License
    Unlimited Site License
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    3 Site License

    Features 1

    Just add a Youtube URL and CPA hyperlink and you're up and running....

    Feature 2

    Easily editable, proven to convert, call to action button that drives over 300%more visitors through your CPA links...

    Feature 3

    Take your Product to the next Level, go Global:

    Select up to 6 GEO Targeted offers, ensuring that you only send visitors to offers that are valid for their region...

    Here's the truth :We're not going to sell CPA GEO VIDEO CRUSHERsoftware ever again.

    Every online marketers want to explode their commissions exponentially but they don't know where to start.

    Well there's good news.

    No business owner can deny rising competition among CPA Markets. They all are targeting only English Speaking Countries like USA for their offers which results in heavy competition and lowers the chances of getting profits.

    According to Stats: A whooping 73% people take more action on regional language offers and 25% people make their purchase on their second visit to the site.
    You Don't Have To Fail With CPA Marketing Ever Again......

    My name is Ronald I'd like to congratulate you on stumbling on this page....
    In just a few minutes,I'm going to explain how we've created a plugin that eliminates
    the problems that cause 99% of marketers to fail with CPA Marketing and enable
    anyone, even the most novice marketer,to succeed with CPA, simply and easily....

    But before I get into that, I want you to know that if you've failed with CPA in the past,
    It's not your fault....
    The truth is, 'the gurus' release CPA courses which claim that CPA is an 'easy method'
    when in actual fact, there are several pieces of the jigsaw to put together...

    Firstly, you need quality content....

    Secondly, you need a strong call to action...

    Thirdly, you need to ensure that you're sending visitors to an offer that is valid
    for their location...

    If you send someone from the UK to an offer that's valid only for canadian
    and US visitors, for example, you're going to be leaving a ton of cold hard
    cash on the table....

    Our plugin solves each and everyone of these problems......


    We Will Only Be Selling 100 Copies. Once we close down the offer we
    won't release it again at this price. I'm doing this because we will be
    raising the price after the first 100 copies are sold.

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