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Ajay Anand
Complete Game Files and Code to make your own Games - Windows Mac OS Android Linux and HTML 5 1.0

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  • My complete and perfect Indie Game Files and code to make your own Games instantly.
    Make Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, and even HTML 5 Online Games.
    Just Change and replace the images etc and make tons of your own games and publish them at tons of places. You can make Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even HTML 5 games to publish online and sell also, at itch.io, kongregate, gamejolt, newgrounds, steam, windows store, Facebook, Google Play, etc.etc.
    Don't update Gdevelop software if some problem happens, because Game was made by given version of Gedevelop only. Open .json file in each folder by given software to edit the game and head over to their official website for any help. Gdevelop Software is completely free and open source so no need to worry about anything to pay anywhere.
    Game Name: Super Shooter
    Preview: https://ajay334.itch.io/super-shooter
    Download from this link:
    And Buy Password/Access Code of that file here
    My Email:


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