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Casino Software and Games 5.00

Purchase this item for $9,999.00

  • Description

    The most complete casino software platform . With this you can create your own casino website, without having to depend on us by paying monthly shares. You will have full control over your casino(control payout percentage, randomness chance and more).We also offer lifetime full support from our side if you have any questions about configuring the software, as well as a fully detailed documentation file.
    Main features of our management software(web interface + administrator panel)

    • 1 Template included for free - your choice. Click here to see templates;
    • Internet cafe compatible. Our software can be used as an Internet Cafe product, where an operator can assemble a local casino operation using standard PCs;
    • Multi language AJAX administrator panel(english ONLY by default);
    • Multi language frontend (english ONLY by default);
    • Games : NO GAMES INCLUDED BY DEFAULT - you must purchase separate games or games package, from our collection;
    • Payment Methods : NO PAYMENT MERCHANT INTEGRATION BY DEFAULT ( these can be purchased additionally from us );
    • you can have different win % for "Play For Real" mode and "Play For Fun" to make your visitors believe they are lucky and make a deposit;
    • restrict IP or IP range from accesing website or administrator panel (these can be managed from administrator panel);
    • choose your desired currency from administrator panel;
    • 1 site licence(contact us for multiple domain licences);
    • eligible for sweepstakes business;
    • technical documentation;
    • lifetime support;
    • installation wizard that helps you install the script in 1 minute;
    • TRNG(True Random Number Generator using random.org API);
    • AJAX Technology on all pages ( this means that the entire page must not be refreshed in order to show new content. Only the area of the website that has new content will be refreshed );
    • latest PHP coding techniques, improving the efficiency and optimization dramatically;
    • secured against all known web and server vulnerabilities;
    • flash fullscreen option for all games;
    • players transfer money to friends for 0.1% fee;
    • Multi currency (change the website currency from administrator panel.Switch from USD to EURO to POINT system(this is suggested for websites that do not own casino licence);
    • digital prize shop (for point systems);
    • Coupon System (Prepaid coupons or Deposit bonus coupons). Players can login to their account and redeem money by entering valid "Prepaid coupon" code. Players can receive a deposit bonus if they enter a valid "Deposit bonus" code. The "Deposit bonus" amount must be wagered 100 times for the bonus to be withdrawable. The number that the "Deposit bonus" must be wagered can be changed from administrator panel , for each "Deposit bonus" code;
    • create agents from administrator panel that will bring revenue to your casino and they will keep their share of profit;
    • create operators from administrator panel to administrate your casino;
    • pyramid agent and subagent system with share % for each agent and subagent(agency creates agent and sets win %.Agent creates subagent and sets share %.Subagent creates subagent and sets share % and so on.Agent can control only subagents and his players and players of subagents only )
    • player my account feature - mouse over balance bar to refresh it;
    • set custom winning rate to determine the odds of the casino. Setting adjustable from administrator panel;
    • set custom payout rate to decide how much profit you will make. Setting adjustable from administrator panel;
    • user option to close account for custom period(E.g. : User can close his account for 3months);
    • IP login history for each player;
    • players can 'Play for fun' or 'Play for real';
    • any player can see his games statistics at any time to follow the game and control the expenses;
    • prevent multiple logins from same account;
    • view logged in users;
    • LOGOUT any online user(you can do this from administrator panel);
    • Multi templateing system(change template from administrator panel whenever you want);
    • Backup database from administrator panel;
    • generate USERNAME+PASSWORD+AMOUNT OF POINTS from administrator panel with a single click - very usefull for internet sweepstakes business;
    • View large set of statistics for each player ( biggest bet, total deposits, biggest win , etc );
    • Adjust aparition rate of each slot symbol ( decide how often each symbol appears );
    • Adjust freespins rate of each slot game ( decide how often to give freespins );
    • Multiple game customisations available from admin panel ( adjust max win per hand, decide if the paylines of a slot game also pay from right to left, change duration of a spin, and more )
    Demo : http://www.casino-del-mundo.com
    Developer website : https://www.casinowebscripts.com


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