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Michael Horne
Cash Pilot | Your Paypal Dreams | $200 a day 1

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  • Hello there i am currently a University student studying business!
    My name is Michael Horne and i'm here to show you a way to your dreams!

    "Money isn't the most important thing in the world. Love is, Fortunately I love money."

    They say money can't buy you happiness. I remember hearing this while i was younger always asking my parents for money but as i was growing up i thought to myself, What does make me happy then?

    I can tell you when i started to come across Monetizing techniques on the web i was dreaming of money!

    So month by month went as i was trying to find an Ebook that actually worked...
    I came across this method that included only 1 - 2 hours of work a day and mostly autopilot. If you didn't think this was crazy enough it did not include gambling, investing, affiliating, blackhat or stealing and was making me $200 BUCKS A DAY!

    Now your probably thinking, "here we go with another rubbish scam of an ebook" but I've used this method for 2 years and it is unsaturated and my friends love it!




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