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BusyAds - Ad management Platform (PHP) 1.0.0

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  • BusyAds is a professional ad manager built to fit any webmaster regardless of their technical background. Thanks to it's flexibility, BusyAds can manage ad sales for big website networks with ease.

    Full Control
    Manage your ad space and advertisers from the user-friendly admin panel.

    Whenever it is a personal blog or a website network, your ad space is in good hands.

    Automatic Sales
    Process sales automatically through Paypal and Payza.

    Easy Implementation
    BusyAds requires no changes to your website's PHP code. Include the javascript file and you are ready to go. (We provide support for implementation free of charge)

    Multiple ad types
    BusyAds can handle both banner and link sales.

    Real-time Statistics
    Track the performance of your ads in real time.

    Geo targeting
    Enable geo targeting for the ad zones of your choice.

    Public Statistics
    Share the statistics of the ad zones with potential advertisers.

    Ready for any language
    BusyAds can be translated to any language with ease.

    High Performance
    BusyAds is well optimized to make sure that the load time of your page is not affected.

    Sales management
    Track orders and run promotion with ease.


    Front-end: http://demo.busyads.net/
    Back-end: http://demo.busyads.net/admin

    Password: PASSWORD

    Sample forum using BusyAds: http://demo-forum.busyads.net/
    Sample Wordpress blog BusyAds: http://demo-wp.busyads.net/

    Server requirements:
    • PHP with MySqli support
    • 10M disk space
    • cUrl library with the ability to connect to websites through port 80 (available on most servers)
    • mcrypt library
    Single domain (ads can be displayed on unlimited websites)
    Lifetime updates
    Lifetime support
    Frequently asked
    What kind of ads can I sell using this platform?
    You can sell both link and banner ads through BusyAds.

    Which payment methods can I accept?
    The PayPal and Payza module is included by default, however we will add more payment methods in the future based on the feedback we collect from our customers.

    Can I make changes to the code?
    Yes, the source code of BusyAds is unencrypted. The product includes a plugin system for the more experienced developers.

    How to integrate BusyAds in my website?
    In order to display ads on your website you must include the javascript file in the head section of your page. Using the <div class="busyads-AD_ZONE_ID"></div> html code will load the ad zone wherever you want. You don’t have to change any PHP code on your website. (This code can be generated from the admin panel)

    I want to display ads on websites which are hosted on different servers. Can I do that?

    Yes, you can display ads on unlimited number of websites with ease by following the same steps.

    Can you help me with the integration?
    Yes, we can help you with the integration free of charge.


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