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Better CSS 1.0.3

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  • About
    This is something we use on digitalpoint.com to make the CSS better and more efficient.

    • Upload the contents of the upload folder to your installation
    • Install the product-digitalpoint_css.xml product under AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product

    Rounded Corners
    vBulletin 4 only supports rounded corners for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This plug-in makes rounded corners also work in Opera and Internet Explorer.

    It appends some CSS markup to your primary CSS file that makes use of CSS3 gradients (gradients defined right in the CSS file itself). vBulletin uses 5-7 gradient images per page view normally, and this eliminates the need for the browser to download those images. CSS3 gradients are supported in Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. For browsers that don't support CSS3 gradients, they will simply fall back to the normal image-based CSS gradients that vBulletin uses by default.

    This plug-in is useful for sites that use vBulletin 4 default styles, or at least styles that utilize the same classes and methods for doing things within the CSS files.

    This plug-in does NOT add any extra CSS files, nor does it edit your existing ones. Instead it appends some new info to the end of your main CSS file that comes from it's own template. It also adds an attribution link.

    • CSS3 Gradient support for IE10 (early, I know... but it's there)
    • Handles gradients in vB Suite Blog and CMS
    • Works properly for CSS stored as files

    Uninstallation: Automatic uninstallation is a bit of a catch 22... you need to compile templates to uninstall it, but vBulletin has no function built in to compile a group of templates. So uninstalling it removes the code needed to uninstall before the uninstall code is executed. So in order to uninstall this, disable just the one plug-in that is part of this product at the template_compile location, and then run Compile CSS Templates option under AdminCP -> Maintenance -> Update Counters. Once you do that, you can uninstall the whole product without any problems.
    1. CarpCharacin
      I LOVE it. I just installed it and it improves the way that the style i made in the vbulletin style generator shows up. I am thinking about starting another vbulletin forum, and if k do this will be the first plugin i install :)
      by ,
    2. Arick unirow
      I like efficient and efficient CSS. Safe it and will use it in future. If it work for DP, I believe it will work for others. :) (Is this even a review - whatever :-D )
      by ,
    3. pupul
      Awesome plugin
      by ,