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Better Analytics 1.1.2

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  • About
    This allows you to utilize Google Analytics with some advanced options

    • Install the product-digitalpoint_analytics.xml product under AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    • Go to AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Digital Point Better Analytics to set your Google Analytics Profile ID.
    • Important - In order for site search tracking to work, log into your Google Analytics account and edit your site profile. On the Profile Settings tab, set the Site Search Settings to track, with the query parameter set to "keywords" (without quotes).
    • Remove any other Google Analytics code you may already have.
    • Tracks across multiple sub-domains (in case your site is setup as such).
    • Utilizes Page Speed tracking/reporting.
    • Tracks social interactions for Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 buttons if you have them on your site.
    • Tracks site search (what people are searching for within your own site).
    • Requires no template edits or files to upload.
    • External JavaScript is compressed and utilizes Cache-Control headers to eliminate HTTP requests.
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    1. EvoWRZ®
      It make it easier to put the account id of google analytic instead of editing the code itself.
      by ,
    2. Arick unirow
      More data will give better information to evaluate the site and Search Engine Optimization.
      by ,
    3. Jaden Alvin
      The best addon plugin so far for getting most out of your analytics data. Thanks to the developers and digitalpoint.
      by ,
    4. pupul
      Awesome plugin
      by ,