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BBCode Manager - Xenforo Add-on 1.5.6

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  • I'm extremely proud to announce the immediate release of v1.2, the next generation, Xen-Powerful version of BB Code Manager! What does this mean for you? Well, the add-on comes with 5 custom BB Codes by default:
    • Header ([h2][/h2])
    • Float ([float="right/left/middle"][/float])
    • Spoiler ( OR )
    • User (Username OR [user]Username[/user])
    • Flash ([flash="width, height"]movieURL[/flash] OR [flash]movieURL[/flash])
    What's new in v1.2?
    1. Powerful new options that expose all of the options available via PHP (would have required the author to follow my guide, rather than use this).
    2. Support for an arbitrary number of options, with the ability to reuse them through a new "advanced options" set up that will find and replace strings in the following format {1}, {2}, {3}, etc. where each number represents that particular options.
    3. A new, standardized way for those who use PHP callback to use multiple parameters (such as the spoiler and flash BB codes).
    4. An import, export system! Now, its easier than ever to share your creations via an easy to use import and export system that is modeled after the add-on import system, so it should be familiar to all of you. There is a BB Code repository collection started here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/bb-code-manager-bb-code-xml-repository.8470/
    5. And of course, there is the required bug fixes in each update!
    And of course, you can still do all the same things as v1.1... you can easily add you're own Custom BB Codes via an easy to understand, very XenForo-esqu manager in the ACP (found along with Media BB Code Sites set up & Smilies). This allows you to see your codes, search your codes, enable, disable, add, edit, delete -- all from a powerful set up:



    But, just to be sure that you're users know all about your codes, v1.1 integrates with the BB Code Help page to show any & all active Custom BB Codes.

    And, there are only 2 known problems:
    1. If you attempt to add a new BB Code, and set the tag as one previously added, it will overwrite the previous tag rather than rejecting this. Be very careful when adding tags. This will be fixed in v1.1.1 soon.
    2. There is no editor integration until I solve that one.
    And, as if this simple system was powerful enough, if you have knowledge with PHP you can set a tag to have a PHP Callback (Spoiler, Flash, and User all use this), which allows you access to all of XenForo, and more power things that even I haven't thought of!

    Now, how do we get this installed / updated?

    Installation Instructions
    1. Upload the /KingK/ directory to your /library/ directory if you don't already have a /KingK/ directory. If you do, upload the BbCodeManager directory to your /library/KingK/ directory. (Note: just upload /KingK/, nobody should have it already!)
    2. Install add-on XML which is located within the /KingK/BbCodeManager/ directory.
    3. Edit the template help_bb_codes and add the following right before the final </ul>:
      <xen:include template="help_custom_bbcodes" />
      Code (markup):
    4. Enjoy!
    Upgrade Instructions
    1. Upload the new files.
    2. Import XML located in the /KingK/BbCodeManager/ directory.
    3. If you modified help_custom_bbcodes, please revert or merge changes.
    4. Enjoy the new features!

    You may not redistribute BBCode Manager or any of my other add-ons without prior permission. This is copyrighted code, and any release not prior authorized will be handled as theft of code.
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