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Basic operations with images - MATLAB

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  • Article describes the basic information with images in the MATLAB environment. Loading an image, editing the matrices in which the image is represented, converting the image to grayscale using the different components of the RGB model and their diameter.

    Perform image reduction with a built-in function in the MATLAB environment, rotate the image by transposing the matrix, skew the image diagonally, extract the images into a figure. Article is suitable for beginners, students, to whom the program can help with assignments, tests.

    MATLAB script is available at Github repository (MIT licensed): https://github.com/martinius96/MATLAB-scripty/blob/main/Praca_s_obrazkami/RGB_GRAY_ukos.m

    Original image:

    Red pixel component in grayscale:

    Green pixel component in grayscale:

    Blue pixel component in grayscale:

    Balanced image of RGB average in grayscale:

    Resized image (50% smaller in original resolution):

    Rotated image using rot90 function for transpose matrix:

    Diagonal beveled image:

    Output figure with all images:
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    1. Basic operations with images - MATLAB
      In today's article I would like to describe basic operations with images in the MATLAB...