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DIY Tech
Autopilot News and Information Website For Any Country - Monetizable Via Adsense 1.0

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  • I will build a fully functioning autopilot News website for any country like Info Dig Nigeria (infodig.com.ng) which will curate news and information related to your country from multiple sources on the Internet and posts it on the website fully formatted with text, images, videos etc.

    * You don't need to edit content as your website will automatically edit the content from the feed source.

    * News can be based on any country of your choice or worldwide news.

    * News can be about a specific topic / category e.g Business, Technology etc. Or multiple categories.

    * Your website will run in autopilot and will be self-maintaining. You can set it to delete news after a set period (hours or days) also media for all deleted posts will be automatically removed to avoid using up hosting space.

    * Your Website can be set to automatically share updates to your pages on major social media platforms so you can grow your audience without stress. (Addon - contact me for this feature)

    Your website can be monetised via Adsense, banner advertising, guest posts, affiliate links etc.

    Demo website: https://infodig.com.ng
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