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Android Phones: Weaponized Robots?

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  • This article is about the weaponization of mobile smartphones, intentionally or unintentionally, that are capable of being used to carryout damaging, devastating, sabotage and psychological attacks against their users, by people who control them from a distance!
    Calls for adequate cyber security for electronics devices users in light of the far reaching and dangerous capabilities of informatics and artificial intelligence technologies operating electronic devices that the general public is exposed to.
    1 Turning off of your WiFi connection repeatedly while you are using the Internet
    2 Interrupting your visit to sites and returning you to screen.
    3 Responding to your touch of the search link with the opening of the camera although no link to camera was even near to your touch.
    4 Commandeering the keyboard while you are working on a content or writing to login to a site or something else.
    5 Turning off the phone in the middle of your work causing loss of the project you are working on and your time.
    6 Strategically always trying to outmaneuver you as you try to use your phone to work or entertain yourself.
    Numerous problem causing manipulations of the device from a distance, I would not be able to remember everything here now.
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    1. Android Phones: Weaponized Robots?
      Android Phones: Weaponized Robots? People are concerned about privacy and security of data...