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Android App Builder php Script...Run your own app maker site 2.3

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  • Run your own android app maker Website and make money from Users....

    This is nowhere to be found php script specially made to run an app builder website business.

    Check the DEMO

    When a user creates an account. He receives a mail to validate his account.
    Once logged in, he goes to his account and adds the URL to begin with.
    He is brought to the appmaking panel where he has all the options available, add pages, contact forms, images, logos etc. On the right side of the panel, his app is made visible and live on the mobile device.
    As soon as the job is done and confirmed, he is brought to the download page where he can download an apk file to upload the app platforms.

    The website script also has a demo video to guide thefirst time users.

    Monetization: You are the boss to fix the prices you charge.

    Either you can offer one app free for users who takes a monthly subscription (between $18 to $120) depending on how many apps your customer wants to build.
    Website owners are the most potential customers who can afford to pay just for one app without subscription.
    Freelance Developpers are normally the main target of this script who can afford to pay monthly subscriptions. There are many app developpers flippa, fiberr selling their services charging at least $150 for one app.

    You have nothing to do apart from collecting money..The system does all the job for you.

    Your customers can build their own andriod app using an easy to use app builder platform :
    without coding a single code :
    without spending a lot of money:
    without having any technical knowledge:
    without installing any softwares:

    It supports all major uploading platforms. The mobile apps generated by this AppBuilder Platform are ready to upload to App stores like:
    Amazon Appstore,
    OPPO App Market,
    Samsung Galaxy Store,
    VIVO App Store,
    Xiaomi GetApps .
    What You are buying:
    ONE LICENCE valid only for one URL.
    a handmade php script which runs in all servers above php5.6 to php7.

    Installation Support:
    Although a readme file is included in the script. If you already have some knowledge as to how to make the php script work then there should be no problems.

    If you want me to install the script I'll be happy to do that provided you give your domain name, hosting account details including website logo, your own homepage texts and other appmaking images if you already have in your computer in order to avoid duplications and google band.

    The website script is more than 40M which is not allowed here to be uploaded. Therefore, if you are directed to a download link please don't panic. you are requested to have patience for the product to receive the REAL SCRIPT. You'll receive the zip file through email or a download link, as soon as your payment has been confirmed.
    Thank you for watching my auction.

    Please make sure to inform your users that a one time fee is obligatory to upload any application to AppStore ($200) or $25 to Playstore.
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