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Airsoft / Paintball Button DOMINATOR - Arduino + LCD 1.0

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  • I offer SOFTWARE for DOMINATOR - equipment - stopwatch for extreme sports such as Airsoft, Paintball, Nerf Wars, etc. Created for 2 teams - RED and GREEN. The stopwatch works and is tuned. The counter works for hours, minutes and seconds.
    Functionality principle:
    The stopwatch consists of an Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega microcontroller, a 16x2 / 20x4 LCD character display with an I2C converter and 4 buttons for digital input
    There are 4 buttons in the system, 2 of which are for teams that press their team's button if they occupy this point.
    The time that is pressed on the button starts to add up the time on the display.
    The current team (whose time is counted) is also announced by the LED diode on the control panel.
    If the point is occupied by the second team, the time of the first team stops and starts to be added to this team.
    The buttons are connected as INPUT_PULLUP, so they switch to ground and use an internal 5V Arduino resistor.

    If the button is pressed by the referee, the game stops until the button of one of the teams is pressed.

    If the eraser presses his button, the game ends and the times are restarted - DOMINATOR ready for a new game.
    Maximum time range: 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. DOMINATOR is therefore also suitable for several day events.
    The system logic runs every 100 milliseconds, and the response to a button press is immediate, as button validation runs outside the 100 millisecond loop of the processor's internal counter.

    Project hardware:
    • Arduino Uno / Nano / Mega
    • LCD 20x4 / 16x2 with I2C converter
    • 4x switch buttons
    • 2x LED diodes - indicator of the team whose time is running out

    In full price is:
    • Wiring diagram (compatible for all 3 mentioned microcontrollers and a separate AtMega328P chip)
    • Source code for microcontroller
    • LCD character display library with I2C converter

    Video for a demonstration of functionality:

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