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[ Adf + LinkBucks Cash Cow ] $100+ Per Month Method [ Auto Buy ] 1.0.1

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    Hey guys, I am here today to tell you about my adf.ly + LinkBucks money making method.

    I am getting 2,000+ clicks per day on adf.ly which is $2.50 per day, here are the statics:


    So, I am averaging between $2.50 to $2.70 a day with adf.ly, let's say there are 30 days in each month.

    $2.70x30 days = $81 per month.

    So how is this $100+ per month? well, I also use LinkBucks in conjunction with adf, so let's look at those statics:


    As you can see, yesterday I made $1 ( this is actually 2 days ago & the real yesterday June 21st I made $1.70 ).

    So let's take that $1.70 and times it by 30

    $1.70x30 = $51 per month with LinkBucks.

    So now we have $51 and $81 per month, how much is that in total? $132 per month!!

    But wait, that's not all we can make, with this method we can throw some non-survey PPD into the mix.

    I used uploaded.net & made this:


    I made an additional €42! which when converted is $55, so $55+$132=$187 in a month with this simple method!

    If your interested in the method simply purchase it :D you won't regret it.
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