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Ad Network and Mobile Ad Network Script 1.0

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  • Hello

    I have developed a state of the art 'ad network script' , It is developed and evolved over a time period of 2 years. I have added lots of features in this script and it is being used by a large number of business men for their online advertisement company.

    Here you can find its all features
    1. New Responsive Design
    2. Javascript based ad serving
    3. Pay per click and Pay per Impression
    4. Real time bidding system
    5. Country wise cpc,cpm rates
    6. Country, Region , Language, Operating System and GSM Carrier targeting
    7. Mobile device targeting
    8. Mobile Ads and Mobile Redirects
    9. Text, Image and Flash Ads
    10. POP Up and POP Under
    11. In Player Video Ads
    12. Multi-Languages (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish)
    13. Newsletter/Mass Mailer
    14. Campaign Management
    15. Campaign Reports
    16. Keyword and Niche targeting campaigns
    17. Languages targeting campaigns
    18. Platform targeting campaigns
    19. Country targeting campaigns
    20. GSM Carrier targeting campaigns
    21. Ads Management
    22. Ads Reports and Custom Reports
    23. CPM,CTR,CPC,Convetion and real time tacking
    24. Funds management and funds swap between accounts
    25. News Alerts and Support
    26. Affliates
    27. Publisher Panel
    28. Advertiser Panel
    29. Merged Advertiser and Publisher Accounts
    30. Ant-cheat and invalid activity detector and resolution module
    31. Multi Currencies (USD, AUD, EURO, SGD, GBP, CAD, HKD, Japnese YEN)
    32. Payment Gateways (Paypal, Payza, Skrill and Credit Card)
    33. Admin Panel
    This script is provided with full source code.
    Life time support and free installation.

    You can order at our support URL provided

    Best Regards
    Developer Ad Network Script
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