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5 Reasons to Seek Employment in Hotel Housekeeping

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  • Hotels and resorts often pride themselves on their clean rooms and facilities. In fact, an unclean hotel room is one of the most popular complaints among traveling patrons. Reviews are dirty sheets, mildew, or mold can quickly destroy a hotels reputation. After all, what visitor would want to stay in a filthy hotel? This is the main reason why hotel managers have realized the true importance of hiring quality maid service and housekeepers. Many are seeking highly motivated and skilled housekeepers in order to keep their hotel looking clean and polished. If you are a quality worker with an eye for cleaning, now is the time to seek employment in hotel cleaning and housekeeping.
    Why should you seek employment in hotel cleaning jobs?

    1. Job Stability
    People will always travel, and hotels will always provide lodging. Perhaps one of the best, and convincing, reasons to consider cleaning for a hotel is that you will always be secure in knowing that your needed. In this day and age, technology is taking over many other's jobs. However, hotel rooms will always need to be cleaned thoroughly and management will always need a person to do so.

    2. Payment is becoming increasingly better
    Let's be honest, payment is an extremely important factor when choosing a job or career. While hotel maid pay may have not always gotten a great reputation, wages are changing, especially if you get in with a big name hotel or resort. Not to mention, tipping is encouraged at most hotels which can really boost your hourly rate.

    3. Perks that might save you money
    Most housekeepers for hotels will tell you one of their favorite parts of their job are the perks. When working for a hotel or resort, especially a chain, most will offer you an extremely healthy discount on hotel rooms. Some often even offer an allotted amount of free rooms. With the increasing cost of travel, this is extremely beneficial for employees who frequently venture out into the world.

    4. Good work environment
    Hotels and resorts strive for ambiance for their visitors, and this reflects off on their employees as well. With a low-key atmosphere, you can take comfort in knowing that you will be coming to work in a relatively quiet and peaceful environment. A job in hotel housekeeping is also a great alternative for those who dislike desk jobs. Maids and housekeepers are always on the move, and are almost never forced to sit in one spot all day. This allows for healthy guest interaction, employee interaction, and an overall healthier mindset for you. Not only can the environment be more preferable, but you will also be largely contributing to positive and memorable experiences for the hotel's guests.

    5. Room for growth
    Seeking out hotel cleaning jobs is certainly a fine career, but can also be a wonderful launch pad for those who wish to grow within a company. Cleaning and janitorial jobs take skill, and even more importantly, hard work and dedication. Showing these wonderful traits on the job daily will not go unnoticed. Management may offer you promotions, or even a management level career.

    The life of a housekeeper is not one that everyone is cut out for. Cleaning is an art that has to be taken extremely seriously. If you posses the qualities and skills of a professional housekeeper, than a career in hotel housekeeping may be right for you!
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    1. 5 Reasons to Seek Employment in Hotel Housekeeping
      Hotels and resorts often pride themselves on their clean rooms and facilities. In fact, an...